Other Curriculum Subjects

Art & Design

At UCPS, our children have opportunities to express themselves through a range of artistic mediums. Below you can find links to a drawing activities and other artistic pursuits that can be completed at home.




If you would like to practice your touch typing you can visit Typing Club or Nitro Typing. Both are free to sign up for, as is Scratch where you can practice your coding skills.

ThinkUKnow has also developed a pack of activities for you to do at home that explore different aspects of online safety.Google’s “Be Internet Legends” platform offers an online adventure that teaches the key lessons of internet safety through four fun, challenging games.




Design and Technology (D.T)

D.T falls under our STEM curriculum at UCPS as we aim to foster critical and abstract thinking alongside practical engineering and design-based activities. Crickweb offers several web-based interactive activities for children to practice their lateral thinking, whilst STEM Learning has collated a series of practical activities from nutrition to engineering that can be completed independently or together as a family.




You can find below a list of websites that have a range of speaking, listening, reading and writing activities to support the learning of French.





Geography in Year 6 covers both human and physical geography, as well as locational and skills-based knowledge. BBC Teach has a range of activities to support the learning of geography at home, and World Geography Games is a fun way to consolidate knowledge.




More information about the historic periods covered in school can be found in the Year 6 Curriculum. However, BBC Teach and National Geographic Kids have pooled together a wealth of knowledge and activities on a range of eras across history.




Singing and experiencing music is something we at UCPS believe in doing daily. Here are some websites where you can extend that into your home.



Physical Education (P.E)

There are lots of ways you can keep fit and healthy both indoors and outside. BBC Teach and the Get Set team have put together a range of ideas to inspire you to get active at home!



Personal, Social, Health, Citizenship and Economics (PSHCE)

As part of our statutory duty, UCPS delivers a comprehensive PSHCE curriculum in school. For parents who wish to learn more about the topics covered and consolidate the learning at home, the PSHE Association has put together a range of packs to support home learning in this area.



Religious Studies (R.E)

We cover a range of faiths in our Religious Education curriculum at UCPS. More information can be found on the year group weekly blogs and curriculum guidance.



The websites below offer a range of science activities and challenges that are appropriate to do at home.



Health Education