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Online Learning w/c 06.07.2020

Welcome to week 2 of the UCPSpace Project!

We hope you enjoyed the launch of our new learning projects last week. This week, the anticipation is building as you experience a challenging twist to the project, which sees you encountering …

Transition and Sex Education Resources

Dear parents/carers,

Please find below a link to the Parent Presentation on the transition and sex education sessions we will be running in our bubbles over the next two weeks. There is also a link to the book, ‘Hair in …

Online Learning w/c 29.06.2020

And we have lift-off!

This week, the University of Cambridge Primary School is embarking on a three week cross-curricular project. The UCPSpace Project draws on pupils’ English and creative thinking skills as they journey through space to reach the teachers …

Online Learning w/c 22.06.2020

This week you will receive a Reading for Pleasure video on Monday; on Tuesday and Thursday you will receive extra-curricular videos follow by a message from the class teacher on Friday, as well as the next chapter in our story …

Online Learning w/c 15.06.2020

This week you will receive a message from the lead online teacher for UKS2 on Monday, explaining the new home learning look from this week. On Tuesday and Thursday you will receive extra-curricular videos and a message from the class …

Home Learning Information 8.6.20

Monday 8.6.20


Find a Rule Video link: here

Monday – Hot – Find a Rule

Monday – Spicy – Find a Rule

Monday – Hot – Answers

Monday – Spicy – Answers


Monday Puzzle


Tuesday 9.6.20


Home Learning Information 1.6.20

Welcome back – hopefully you had a lovely half term break. Mr Drane will be providing online learning for Year 6 for the next two weeks, before returning to school on 15th June. After this time, Ms Glenister will take …

Home Learning Information 18.5.20

Monday 18.5.20


Monday 18.5.20


Monday – Area and Perimeter – Hot/Spicy/Extra Spicy

Monday – Area and Perimeter – Answers


SCSSP Cricket week challenges

Tuesday 19.5.20


Tuesday – Area of a Triangle – Hot

Tuesday – Area

Home Learning Information 11.5.20

Monday 11th May

To mark the day that would have been the beginning of SATs week, here are some silly SATs papers to complete:



If you’d like to do some actual learning…

Paper with answers to correct


Home Learning Information 4.5.20

Monday 4th May 


Monday – News Puzzle and Comprehension 

First News Full Issue May 1st


Quadrilaterals Monday Spicy

Quadrilaterals Monday Extra Spicy

Tuesday 5th May


Polygon Angles Tuesday Spicy

Polygon Angles Tuesday Extra Spicy


SCSSP Tennis

Home Learning Information 27.4.20

Thumbs up from us for all your great learning – hang in there!

Monday 27th April 


Monday Video

Angles Monday Spicy

Angles Monday Extra Spicy


Continue working through booklet given out at beginning of term – videos will …

Home Learning Information 20.4.20

Welcome back – I hope you enjoyed the Easter break as best as you could and everyone remains safe and well.

The main news is that the structure of the home learning videos is changing slightly and will now look …

Home Learning Information 30.3.20

Welcome to your latest week of home learning. With only three days left until the Easter holidays, I wanted to reiterate the message that I have been giving on the videos and during the lovely phone calls I have had …

Home Learning Information 23.3.20

Thank you for the 80+ viewings of the Home Learning videos already – hoping that they are not too onerous and are proving useful; please just do what you can and be sure to keep each other safe.

I have …

A New Normal

Thank you to all Year 6 parents and children, who have shown such wonderful support to the school over this past week. Dr Biddulph has written a letter to all children, which can be read here.

As you are already …

STEAM week!

On Monday, key stage 2 were introduced to STE(A)M week! Everyone was given a scrapbook to document their learning this week. We first started off by decorating our scrapbooks, and then on Tuesday we wrote about our philosophy lesson, is …

The week of wows, winners and wonders!

This week was started by a visit from a robot expert and a few of her robot friends, some of whom were being divas and began to act out, now that’s A.I !

During Maths we started re-discovering fractions, yet …

I, Snowbot!

We started the week with a glance at our new topic, humanoids. The book that we have been focusing on is I, ROBOT by Issac Asimov. In our maths learning we finished off converting measuring and then moved on to …

Brilliant book week

This week was book week and our class collaborated with year 2 robins to work on story lines for our characters. Our class decided on the boy with green clothes in a wheelchair. Our inspiration for this person was a …

A very dramatic and mathematic week in Polaris!

This week we started off with some measuring activities to challenge our brains. Dr Biddulph came in and everyone went crazy about measuring his tie which was 53cm long!

We had decimal challenges and lots of murder mystery’s to work …

Tests, Tag and a Terrific Scientist

This week was a jam packed week full of assessments. Everyone did very well and many members of the Polaris class are aiming for greater depth. Although assessments are not very fun, at least Mr Drane gave us all extra …

Hello from INK

Hello, we are the new class journalists, also known as INK. Our responsibility is to write the blog each week! Hope you like it.

‘What is the point of life if death always comes?’ Was the juicy question this week …

Polaris Prefects

Our student leadership team have been presented with their official proud, purple prefect uniforms and have already been carrying out their duties diligently (they may even have a chance to take over writing this blog from their busy teacher soon…).…

A Playful Start

Happy New Year to all Polaris parents/carers and a warm welcome back.

A new year, a new decade and a new topic: the Origin of the Species.

And a new learning street to explore..!

The creativity continued in our Mandarin …

Christmas Bonus

An avid reader has requested up-to-date pictures of the class mascot and this blog writer is a very proud sharer, so please find below. We have been overwhelmed by the generosity and kindness of all the parents and carers of …

We Wish You a Merry Christmas

Apologies for no blog last week – we were suffering from technical difficulties. This will be the last blog of the year, so we’d like to take this opportunity to wish all Year 6 children and families a very Merry …

Year Six Scientists stop by Sartorius Stedim

Our Science project in collaboration with Biotech firm Sartorius Stedim culminated in a fantastic trip to their facilities this week. The children worked in collaboration, tackling hands-on challenges with great thoughtfulness and enthusiasm. Mrs Bullen-Smith has been telling everyone how …

Microbiology and Multiplication

Our scientific curiosity has been piqued this week as we designed our own investigations and measured carbon dioxide being released by yeast when it was fed in different ways. This was all in preparation for next week’s Science trip, organised …

Trees of Change

As part of our collaboration with the Cambridge Zero project, we spent a whole day creating artwork for a huge installation that will be created by the efforts of everyone across the school. Our theme is Trees: the insects within …

‘The rest is silence’

If we have learnt one thing this Shakespeare week, it is that lots of people die in Hamlet. It has been hard work keeping up with the who’s who of murderers and spies, but we have managed it through …

Mountains, Mandarin and Martha

Year 6 started their new topic ‘Force Majeure’ and we began by exploring the forces at play beneath our feet everyday, the tectonic plates. After visiting Snowdonia national park, what better way to approach this than a study of mountains. …

New Polaris Mascot

Putting on a brave face

Why can’t things just be simple? I suppose I will have to put on a brave face for my little one. Best she remembers a smile, rather than the unbearable pain that lurks beneath.

Following some wonderful Musical and Dramatic …

Bombers and Fighters

Both Polaris and Fuji classes were lucky enough to experience their first trip of the year as they visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford on Wednesday.

We explored each hangar and took part in a documentary challenge to find …

Dramatic Evacuations

Confusion. Devastation. Moments of excitement, even.

What sort of emotional ups-and-downs did evacuees experience during World War 2? This is just one of the questions that we have explored through dramatic role play this week. In fact, we have been …

Polaris Illuminates

It’s been a sparkling start to the new school year as Year 6 children began their learning. We’ve started to look at our topic ‘To Victory?’ which will centre around World War 2. Children have been using the Learning Street …