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The Great Bunny Escape

The great bunny escape

This week we have been focusing on:

  • Successfully saving a bunny 
  • Doing a science experiment on climate change
  • There is a champion in our class 
  • We started drafting our essays based on globalisation/The Silk road   


The Durning Lectures

Mrs Durning challenged us to research and present our very own talk on any subject we liked. We have had an incredible variety of topics and we have learned lots about other people’s interests.

Adding, Subtracting, Multiplying and Dividing Fractions

Moving Parts

Our poems are finally finished and the animals move with them!

We’ve also done lots of moving ourselves by playing lots of games in P.E.

Fractions on a Number Line sheets

Engineering Success

This week we have been working hard on our animal poems and crafting the correct mechanisms to showcase our wonderful writing

It’s been really difficult getting the mechanisms right – we had to make a prototype first and make corrections …

Unconventional Animals

“Ugly” animals

This week we have been focusing on:

  • Poem making about our unique ugly animals
  • We have been creating our own presentations
  • We also built our own mechanisms for our animals
  • We wrote some ideas about some other poems

Mean Mysteries

Not mean as in nasty, but the mean average…! We have been solving  Maths problems involving the mean, median, mode and range this week.

We’ve been thinking hard – if you would like to consolidate any of this weeks’ learning, …

Authors, Scientists and Mathematicians!

Hey, this week we have been very busy doing:

  • Finishing our NASA space exploration writing
  • We finished reading Jamie Drake Equation
  • We were authors with our writing
  • We did mirroring/symmetry in Maths
  • We did an experiment to see if we

NASA Writing Started

Hi we’re the star journalists and today were back with

  • Nasa news
  • Murder mysteries ( times tables finished )
  • galactic goo
  • winter Olympics


NASA news

This week we hope we will finish our non – chronological report about Nasa’s …


Hello! Here is our wonderful week:

  • We traveled through the ISS with our English
  • We spoke about anti-bullying
  • We read more of the Jamie Drake equation and made a Fibonacci spiral
  • We debated about if NASA is good use of

A Flipping Good Week

Hi we’re the star journalists

And this week we’re back with

  • Teacher takes a flip🙃
  • Mysterious multiplication
  • Orbiting in outer space
  • Boy eats 2 apples ( Our last picnic lunch 😢)
  • Mellow mindful drawing
  • Numb it up neuroscientists

Teacher takes


Hello! This is what we did this week:

  • We are in the process of reading our new book the Jamie Drake Equation – it talks all about all the Solar System and how it works
  •  Then we made smaller models

L.T Shephards scrapbook

Hi we’re the star journalists and

we’re back today with:

  • L.T scrapbook
  • Miraculous miles
  • Bandit bar models
  • Delusional drawing
  • Magic midwife
  • And the most heavy rain!!!!!

L.t scrapbook

We have been making some scrapbooks about the life of L.T …

Black History and Dentistry

Hi this week we have been very busy doing…

  • Black History!
  • Back in time with our freeze frames
  • Decoding the Zimmerman telegraph
  • Before and After in English
  • An online Twitter spat..!


Black History

This week we have been learning about …

Star Journalists

Hi everyone we’re the new star journalists, and this is this week’s blog:

Coming up today is…

  • Boar story finished!
  • Super scientist
  • Mysterious Maths
  • Punchy propaganda

Boar story finished

After a long week, we have finally finished writing our stories …

Vitruvian Children

Leonardo da Vinci inspired us to explore the relationship between arm span and height in our Science lesson this week. We measured and plotted onto graphs, and it would seem that (bar a few anomalies..) there is a link.

Polaris …

Breaking the stalemate

From cavalry to automatic weapons, Year 6 have been tracking the development of the gruesome tools of war. We have realised that a lot of the technical developments led to a war of attrition, the employment of defensive tactics and, …

WW1 Mania

Our week began with a visit to the trenches, as we braved fire and fury to get the historical information we desperately needed – what was it that caused WW1? Was it avoidable or were tensions already running high? Running …

Constellations and Community

A very warm welcome back to all children, parents and carers of Polaris class. We have spent the week getting to know one another again. This involved an introduction as to why the Pole Star of our namesake is so …