Bombers and Fighters

September 27, 2019

Both Polaris and Fuji classes were lucky enough to experience their first trip of the year as they visited the Imperial War Museum at Duxford on Wednesday.

We explored each hangar and took part in a documentary challenge to find the untold stories of the war. Each group was given a phone and sent tasks to complete by the producer from Smash TV as they pursued the truth behind some of the vehicles and artefacts on display.

We also found out what it takes to be a pilot: incredible eyesight, lightning fast reactions and an impeccable fashion sense.

Back at school, we edited our documentaries; here’s a flavour of what we have been up to:

We’ve also continued our thinking around place value, further independent practice can be found here.
Pages 17-20 of Power Maths will offer further practice over the weekend. We will move onto rounding next week, so feel free to have a sneaky look at this also.

Next week

  • Dr Biddulph teaches us an exciting research lesson
  • Maths parent workshops on Wednesday at 8:45 and 17:00



Cambridgeshire County Council, are having new Gritters delivered this Autumn. They are now asking Junior Travel Ambassador School pupils to NAME THE GRITTERS. They are looking for INNOVATION, IMAGINATION, and, of course HUMOUR!

The lucky winners will be invited to a naming ceremony at one of their depots in the county and will all receive a Road Safety Goodie Bag and a picture of their Gritter!

Please email your entry to by Monday 14th October 2019. The subject line should read GRITTER COMPETITION  and you MUST give the name of the child, the name of the Gritter and school the child attends in the email.