Brilliant book week

February 14, 2020

This week was book week and our class collaborated with year 2 robins to work on story lines for our characters. Our class decided on the boy with green clothes in a wheelchair. Our inspiration for this person was a book called ‘here we are’ by Oliver Jeffers. We had to work on the relationship between our character and theirs, the astronaut.

This week we also had fun with some arts and crafts! We created a life sized version of the wheelchair boy and everyone took part in either writing story’s or drawing comics!

We also did some maths about any number that we wanted! We got to write any calculations including the number, decorate our paper with it and write puzzles with our number as the answer!

We also had a very special guest….

Although this week was amazing, we are sure everyone is excited for the holidays! We hope you enjoy your half term! You could start thinking about Robots as that will be our new topic! From your journalists, INK!😊