Mountains, Mandarin and Martha

November 1, 2019

Year 6 started their new topic ‘Force Majeure’ and we began by exploring the forces at play beneath our feet everyday, the tectonic plates. After visiting Snowdonia national park, what better way to approach this than a study of mountains. This raised so many questions, from ‘How do mountains form? to ‘If mountains are high and heat rises, why does it get colder up the mountain?’

Polaris have shown such great curiosity around this subject and have produced some stunning pieces of learning – we’re looking forward to finding out much more about how tectonic activity impacts upon the natural landscape and how humans interact with it.

Speaking of Snowdon, I have uploaded all of the pictures that were put onto Twitter to this address so that you can download them in higher quality. Fair warning: there are a lot to work through..! I’ll leave the link up until the end of November, so download away.

We have continued our study of Mandarin, showing courage even when it becomes difficult.

In Maths, we have finished off our unit on Place Value with some tricky challenges. Next week, we will begin to focus on Multiplication and Division for a number of weeks (Power Maths challenges to follow next week, or get a head start by moving onto the Multiplication section).

To finish off the week, we had a very special visitor: a 19-day-old Martha Drane. Martha and her family would like to thank each and every Polaris parent and child for the kind wishes, enthusiasm, joy and generosity you have shown her – she is a lucky girl and has still got her theme song spinning around her head.

Next week:

  • Shakespeare Week – no dressing up, but an in depth study of Hamlet is coming Polaris’ way
  • Multiplication with larger numbers
  • First part of an exciting Science project