Polaris Prefects

January 17, 2020

Our student leadership team have been presented with their official proud, purple prefect uniforms and have already been carrying out their duties diligently (they may even have a chance to take over writing this blog from their busy teacher soon…).

As well as this, Polaris class have been focusing on writing as Charles Darwin, following his five year voyage on theĀ HMS Beagle. We have chosen particular aspects that are of interest to us (he visited more than the Galapagos..!) and our writing has – amount other things – looked at Darwin’s view on slavery and British/Argentinian relations, as well as the curiosity that led him towards the theory he is most well-renowned for.

Look forward to a broad selection on next week’s blog.

Division and Mean Average Practice

Next week

  • Snuggle with a Story 8:45 – 9:30 Tuesday 21st January
  • Further work on ratio and scaling problems using our knowledge of multiplication and division (Power Maths will receive a re-boot next so that you can continue practising at home).
  • Finishing off our Darwin diary entries
  • Tag Rugby – apologies for the muddy P.E kits this past week, we will endeavour to stay on our feet!