Tests, Tag and a Terrific Scientist

February 1, 2020

This week was a jam packed week full of assessments. Everyone did very well and many members of the Polaris class are aiming for greater depth. Although assessments are not very fun, at least Mr Drane gave us all extra PE!

During this week’s learning street session everyone was fascinated by the skeletons and fossils of ancient creatures. We studied them carefully and recreated them using Plasticine or by drawing them! Although this activity doesn’t seem that hard it needs careful and tenacious minds.

Here are some of the amazing creations made by our class…


If you heard someone discussing the idea of Evolution, what you might think of first is Charles Darwin, but the co-founder of evolution had a just as exciting life as him! Alfred Russel Wallace is the unrecognised hero of evolution. We used laptops to research about his life and the things he discovered. Did you know he discovered more than 5000 species of animals including beetles and his famous flying frog?

Murder Mystery

Also, based on these assessments, check out the Fractions section of your Power Maths books…!

Next week:

  • Completing our Wallace writing
  • More tag rugby (now that we’ve got the hang of passing backwards – check out the Six Nations this weekend for some inspiration)