‘The rest is silence’

November 8, 2019

If we have learnt one thing this Shakespeare week, it is that lots of people die in Hamlet. It has been hard work keeping up with the who’s who of murderers and spies, but we have managed it through a dramatic retelling of the story.

We also translated Shakespearean language (avoid ‘leperous distillments’ at all costs..!) and created our own theatrical programmes for the ‘Moustrap’ play – here is a particularly Golden example, with an original poem to match.

As well as this, we begun a further collaboration with the University; this time on their new climate Change Project. We have been working on different elements that will make up a larger installation (and we were filmed in the process – soon to feature in the Vice Chancellor’s speech).

Maths continued and we had some good breakthroughs with multiplication, ready to crack long multiplication next week. Page 35-37 of Power Maths would make good consolidation of this week’s learning in preparation for what’s to come.


Next Week

  • Remembrance Circle 11th November
  • Anti-Bullying Week – Odd Socks Day 12th November
  • Learning Conversations – 13th November – please ensure you have booked a slot
  • Climate Change art
  • Song writing